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For me, Interior Design is an art form. It’s environmental sculpture. It’s about creating a feeling for the occupants that empowers their life and growth.
This is more than the right chair; though that’s important too. This is a physical expression of what the client needs to nuture their spirit.


The how of getting to a successful project,starts when I walk into a space and impressions begin to form. Impressions of how the space could be
if there were no limits. During discussions with the client, those impressions guide my solutions to the client’s needs and desires.

Work on a ground up project is similar but the impressions come after some time spent reviewing the architect’s plans and meetings with the client
and architect. Here, the architect has presumably taken in the client’s vision and/or helped shape it. I want to honor the results of that process in
my work. Again though, I’ll have early impressions of the space that guide my design throughout the process.


So, if this is beginning to sound like I have visions, then I assure you it’s true, but doesn’t affect my health in any negative way. And it’s definitely
good for my spirit.. I love my work and the affect it has on peoples’s lives.

Kit Lietzow
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